A revolutionary and unmatched online legal research platform that gives you access to the content you know, trust and rely upon. Enhance your legal research experience with its smart ‘search relevance’ technology and host of user-friendly features.
Access up-to-date local and international legal content from Case Law, Legislation to our most reliable Commentaries that are constantly revised by trusted experts. We combine content with flexible and advanced technology to help you to conduct your research in a faster, efficient and effective manner.


Red search box

A Universal search box that searches content across the platform by keywords and offers suggested legal phrases, documents or sources.

Lexis Advance's powerful Advanced Search Forms

Fill-in-the-blank search forms by content type that develop a search for you.

Search precision

Access the best & most relevant paragraph for your keyword searches.

Personalization made easy

Quickly annotate sections and highlight texts directly from the platform. It helps you save your research in work folders.


Easy access to the publications you have subscribed to, recent searches and history, as well as documents, folders, favourites and alerts, enabling you to customize where you want to start.

Online folders

Save what's important to you in online folders - documents, text, even search parameters and results. You are notified automatically if folders’ documents have changed

Mobile access that doesn't require an app

Choose your mobile device - smartphone, tablet or laptop. Lexis Advance screens automatically and adapts to fit your device

Research Map

A powerful analytical tool that lets you save, manage and backtrack through prior work, compare documents and result sets, and take an overarching view of complex research trails.

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