Work and Contribution

Manav Seva is Madhav Seva. Saisagar foundation is a Non- Profit organization that empowers poor and underprivileged people, especially mothers and children. Mainly focusing on helping poor children The foundation's focus is to serve mankind,provide human value education to kids ( Balvikas) in orphanages . Support the livelihood of mothers and children in the local community. It will be done so by providing skill training for women, through the provision of sewing machines, supporting small clinics which will have health service, Holistic healing. It also provides Holistic health care to these deprived classes of society by distributing free medicines and wheel chairs. The organisation also aims to build a temple and rebuild campus to conduct Balvikas classes, in turn nurturing children through value based education.


Thought for the day

Manav Seva is Madhav Seva | Idham Shareeram Paropkaram | You do Seva to redeem your self | God is happy when you serve the poor/ needy | Love is God | God is Love | Love is truth | Truth is Love | Love as action is right living | Love as a feeling is Peace | Love as understanding is non violence | When you  understand Love | You will have no fear | Love is the key to expansion | Expansion is key to happiness | In knowing your real self , your truth is | Secret to success | You are not in a race as God resides in your heart | You dissolve your past karma... Sucess is yours